Regina's Largest and Oldest Montessori School

We serve over 150 families with pre-primary and elementary programs in two locations across Regina. The Montessori Method is child-centred learning with a focus on peaceful, respectful classrooms. If you'd like to learn more about this wonderful method of education, please explore this site or call our office at 306-522-1500 to arrange an introductory tour at one of our locations.

We can accept children to our pre-primary programs at nearly any time of year. Children may begin as early as age 2.5 and complete their kindergarten year in our program. Our elementary program is currently Grades 1-6, with plans for Grades 7-8 in the near future.

If you are interested in pre-primary or elementary programs for Fall 2016, you can call the office to enquire, or fill out and return the waitlist application (click below on "Apply Now"). 

Montessori School of Regina Fee Schedule 2017-2018



 A student working with some pre-primary materials.